Click Here for May Westside Snack Shack Sign Up (Steve Carli Field)

Click Here for May Homestead Snack Shack Sign Up (Carmichael Field)




Westside/Homestead's main fundraiser is our Snack Shack. Revenue from our snack shack helps pay for the operating cost of fields and maintenance, equipment game umpires and uniforms for all divisions. We rely on parent participation to keep the snack shack running daily and bonus for you, you get your $50 volunteer fee back! If you have already received your refund, feel free to volunteer for another shift. We can always use the help and appreciate not having to pay for a shift.

The Sign-up sites are for Parents/Guardians and Community Volunteer hours only. Teenagers wanting to work the Snack Shack must contact ricntab@att.net to be scheduled.shift.

If for any reason you cannot make your scheduled shift, plase contact Tabitha @ 408-702-0952 as soon as possible.

Please note, we have two snack shack locations when signing up. Be sure the pick the correct link.

Steve Carli Park (Westside) 1045 Los Padres Blvd.

Earl Carmichael Park (Homestead) 3445 Benton St.