1. All participants must wash their hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer upon arrival, during breaks or between innings, and before leaving the field.

  2. Face coverings are required at all times. Do not lower your face covering to talk or shout.

  3. Players should take a break if they experience any difficulty breathing and should change their mask or face covering if it becomes wet and obstructs breathing.

  4. Spectators are limited to 1 immediate household member only (City requirement); however, please avoid attending or limit the number of household members present to the extent practicable. No other spectators are allowed. All spectators must wear a face covering and maintain social distancing requirements.

  5. Bleachers will be closed to spectators. Bleachers may be utilized by teams as overflow to maintain social distancing requirements, as needed.

  6. Dugouts - Face coverings must be worn at all times. No food, no sunflower seeds, no gum. Water and sports drinks only. Equipment bags should be stored outside the dugout and field of play at least 6 feet apart. If the dugout area is not large enough to maintain social distancing, players and game personnel must use the bleachers behind the fence. Athletes should bring a lawn chair when playing at the Carli Major field. Players must wear helmets when sitting outside the dugout.

  7. Drinks/water bottles and other personal items/equipment should be labeled with the athlete’s name and must not be shared.

  8. No post-game team meetings or snacks.

  9. Each player must have their own glove, except for the catcher’s mitt. SCWLL will loan individual batting helmets for the season if needed. Individual bats are preferred, but shared bats will be available and must be disinfected between players. Catchers’ gear must be disinfected between players. Each team will have two catchers’ masks so that the first mask can be disinfected and air dry while the second catchers’ mask is used. Catchers should wear a face covering under the catcher’s mask unless the face covering could become a hazard. See the American Academy of Pediatrics Interim Guidance on Return to Sports for specific exceptions where the face covering may become a hazard.

  10. Minimize sharing of equipment to the extent feasible. Shared equipment (ex., rakes, field daggers, field striping equipment, etc.) must be cleaned between use. 

  11. Umpires must observe social distance requirements when communicating with coaches, athletes, and other umpires. Face coverings are required at all times. The plate umpire may choose to stand behind the pitcher.

  12. If a pitcher puts their hand to their mouth and touches the ball, call “TIME.” The pitcher must sanitize their hands and change to a new ball before throwing the next pitch.

  13. One adult only in the scorebooths to operate the scoreboard. Use sanitizing wipes on the desk and equipment before and after the game. Parents logging the scorebook may sit in the bleachers with face covering on and socially distanced.

  14. Replace handshakes after the game with a socially distanced acknowledgment.

  15. For interlocking games, if COVID-19 guidance differs, follow the stricter guidance.

  16. Non-compliance with COVID-19 mitigation measures may result in the loss of our City of Santa Clara and/or SCUSD field permit(s) and puts SCWLL at risk for enforcement.