Snack Shack Info to Share with Team Parent's - 2019

Tickets: Team Parent's will receive 1 snack shack ticket per player for each Regular Season HOME game.

Tickets are worth $1.00 of food @ Westside & Homestead Fields SS.

Tickets may be redeemed by a Uniformed Player. No more than 2 tickets can be redeemed at one time. Change is not given for a purchase less than the ticket(s) amount.

If Tickets are forgotten for a game, 2 tickets can be given @ the next game. Or, you may purchase more - $1.00 each. Lost tickets will not be replaced; they will need to be purchased for any remaining home games. Keep tickets in a safe place - players expect to receive a ticket for each home game played.

Volunteer Deposit:

Parents may sign up and work a 3 hour Snack Shack shift to receive their PAID $40.00 volunteer deposit returned. Sign ups for both Westside and Homestead will be available through SignUpGenius. Parents may send a replacement to work their shift, minimum age of 13 years old. Volunteer deposit (CASH) will be given to the individual that worked, at the end of the shift. Volunteer must sign the volunteer log and initial the SS deposit log to receive their deposit.

Working the Snack Shack - expectations:

Please dress comfortably and ready to work. Long hair to be pulled back, and closed toe shoes to be worn.

You may be asked to serve at the window, wrap hot dogs, scoop ice cream, sweep, take out the trash, replenish supplies, or any other task to keep the snack shack running smoothly.


Tabitha Barrientos 408-702-0952 ricntab@att.net

Opening Day & Breakfast:

Breakfast Fundraiser: $5.00 for a plate of pancakes, Neto’s sausages, cup of coffee OR cup of

Orange juice.

Starts at 7:30AM, ends when last pancakes are sold.